What is a Typical HVAC Warranty? A Comprehensive Guide

Most HVAC manufacturers provide limited warranties that range from 5 to 10 years, with Goodman offering a 10-year warranty and Daikin providing the best warranty for its minislit systems, with 12 years. These warranties offer protection against potential breakdowns or malfunctions that may occur in your HVAC system. Generally, they cover motors, compressors, electrical components, burners, controls, and sensors. In addition to manufacturer warranties, some heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors also provide labor warranties for a certain period after the initial installation.

These warranties cover defects related to their work. It is important to note that manufacturer warranties only cover repairs or replacements that involve a defective part, not regular use. The details of the warranty may vary from vendor to vendor, but this type of climate warranty generally covers manufacturing defects and related repairs.

When looking for a protection plan for your HVAC system

, it is essential to understand the different types of HVAC warranty and what you are getting.

Compare these costs to those of repairing and replacing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems when you are not covered by a home warranty.